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MangaWorld is just a fan site; I bought the manga in Vietnamese and translate them into English [If some manga are already offered on the Internet, I just simply link the websites to you]. I did not create any manga series listed on this site, nor did I have any part in the production process.

This site does not mean to infringe on any copyrighted materials. It is here to encourage the continuing popularity of Japanese Manga, and for more young readers to enjoy it. I've built this site out of enthusiasm. Every manga scanlation on this site is - to me - the best series of all. Therefore I suggest you to purchase them (from a publisher) if you have a chance. I hereby don't have any affiliate with the manga creators or licensers. Although I did not create any of the series, I did spend a lot of times on creating all the files on this site. Please respect my efforts by not taking any of my files/layouts. Thank you.

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